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Problems with your vision? Wish you could see well? It’s time you called a local optometrist for the quality eye care you count on from a dedicated team of professionals. At Lebanon Optometric Center and Breese Family Vision Center, we provide vision therapy, vision correction and other services to patients that come to us from Highland, IL and throughout the metro-east area. As a family-owned practice, we understand the importance of great eye care for the whole family. With that in mind, our staff cultivates a relaxing environment where we treat patients of all ages including men, women and children. Call today and make appointments to preserve the vision of your entire family!

Eye Care Services Highland, IL

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  • Vision Exams
  • LASIK Exams
  • Contact Lens Exams
  • Glaucoma Exams
  • Dry Eye Exams
  • Vision Therapy
  • Vision Correction
  • Eyeglasses
  • Sunglasses
  • Prescription Sunglasses
  • Safety Glasses
  • Protective Eyewear
  • Contact Lenses
  • Pediatric Eye Care
  • School Eye Exams
  • Pre-Op LASIK Care
  • Post-Op LASIK Care
  • Post-Op Cataracts Care

Vision Examinations Highland, IL

vision exams highland il

Do you have vision problems? Are you curious about what’s going on and how you can fix it? Luckily, Lebanon Optometric Center and Breese Family Vision Center offers vision exam services that range from routine back-to-school exams to checking for glaucoma and other eye diseases. We take pride in providing a place where people can get all of their eye problems checkout and treated. Additionally, our staff is focused on your comfort and satisfaction while you’re in our care. Read on for details about the types of examinations that we offer.

Types of Vision Examinations

  • Comprehensive Eye Exam – This is our basic eye exam that tests your vision for astigmatism, as well as addresses any of your questions and concerns.
  • Contact Lens Exam – This is an exam we’ll do if we think you’re a good candidate for contact lenses. Advancements in contacts have made them a good choice for more people.
  • LASIK Exam – Tired of glasses and contacts? LASIK may be able to help you see without instruments. We provide exams to determine candidacy for LASIK surgery.
  • School Eye Exams – Make sure your children are ready to succeed in the classroom with school vision exams that test multiple components of your child’s vision.
  • Glaucoma Evaluation – Don’t let those glaucoma symptoms go unchecked. We provide glaucoma evaluations to determine your suitability for available medicines and surgeries.
  • Dry Eye Evaluation – We can identify the symptoms of dry eye and provide you with treatments and tips to help cure and prevent your symptoms.

Eyeglasses & Eyewear Highland, IL

eyeglasses highland illinois

Whether you need reading glass, sports eyewear or safety glasses, we have a range of eyeglasses and eyewear options that are suitable for people of all ages. Additionally, patients are treated by a friendly, dedicated team that will provide a comprehensive eye exam and recommend a prescription that meets your vision correction needs. We have an eyewear selection that features some of the top brands – read more below about the types of eyewear that we have available.

Types of Eyewear

  • Eye Glasses
  • Transition Lenses
  • Bifocals
  • Trifocals
  • Hi-Index
  • Photochromic
  • Polarized Lenses
  • Polycarbonate Lenses
  • Progressive Lenses
  • Anti-Reflective Coatings
  • Scratch-Resistant Coatings
  • UV Protection
  • Blue Light Reduction
  • Rimless Frames
  • Half-Rimless Frames
  • Semi-Rimless Frames
  • Reading Glasses
  • Computer Glasses
  • Sunglasses
  • Safety Glasses
  • Sports Eyewear

Contact Lenses Highland, IL

contact lenses highland il

Are you ready to get rid of those glasses, once and for all? Can’t stand any more headaches or sore eyes from looking through lenses all day? You need to call the pros at Lebanon Optometric Center and Breese Family Vision Center for a contact lens exam that will determine the correct contact lenses and prescription for your vision correction needs. Read more below about available types of contact lenses!

Types of Contact Lenses

  • Soft Contact Lenses
  • Right Gas Permeable (RGP) Contact Lenses
  • Continuous-Wear Contact Lenses
  • Disposable Contact Lenses
  • Hybrid Contact Lenses
  • Prosthetic Contact Lenses

Pre-Op & Post-Op LASIK Care Highland, IL

LASIK care highland illinois

Can’t wait to see the world without lenses? Lebanon Optometric Center and Brees Family Vision Center provides LASIK care including pre-operative and post-operative care. Our dedicated team understands the sensitive nature of these procedures, and we make our goal to provide pre and post-op care that helps limit pain and discomfort while keeping you right on track for quick recovery. Schedule a LASIK examination with our staff to determine if you’re a good candidate for surgery!