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Vision Examinations

Your Local Optometry for Vision Examinations in the Metro East Illinois Area

How is your vision? Are you keeping up with routine exams to ensure your vision health? If not, it’s time you scheduled an appointment with a professional optometrist that will evaluate and test your vision to ensure the best in eye care. At Lebanon Optometric Center and Breese Family Vision Center, we provide vision exams to men, women, and children of all ages in Lebanon IL, Breese IL, and throughout the surrounding communities of the Metro East including Highland and O’Fallon! As a family-owned business, we know the difference better vision can make, and we’re here to provide that for our neighbors in the area. We offer three optometrists and two convenient locations – make your appointment today!

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Eye Care & Vision Exams

In the Metro East area, patients trust Lebanon Optometric Center and Breese Family Vision Center for a range of vision exams and treatments. Most patients receive our comprehensive vision exam, which is more than a normal office visit. We’ll check your eyes, evaluate your vision, ask questions, and make sure to talk to you about any concerns that you may have. Additionally, we’ll lay the groundwork for preserving your eye care by talking about how you can take steps to help prevent things like glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, and more. However, your condition may require a different kind of exam – read more below about specialized eye exams for specific conditions.

Contact Lens Exams

Do you hate your glasses, but you’ve been told it’s your only solution? Every day, millions of people struggle with glasses – they make your head hurt, your eyes sore or you’re just not satisfied when you look in the mirror. Luckily, glasses may not be the only solution to your astigmatism or eye problems. There have been plenty of advancements made in contact lenses, allowing them to help more people than ever before. Our optometrists can evaluate your vision to see if you could benefit from contact lenses.

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Are you tired of wearing glasses? Hate struggling with contacts that make your eyes hurt and itch? There may be a better solution than spending a large part of your day using corrective vision products. In fact, you may be a great candidate for LASIK procedures, which is a laser surgery that corrects a variety of vision ailments. However, LASIK may not fix all eye problems, and not all people will be good candidates for the procedure. Our LASIK exam will evaluate your total eye health, the severity of any conditions, and the likelihood that your condition will be helped by LASIK surgery. 

Criteria for Being Considered for LASIK Surgery

Glaucoma Evaluation

While most think of glaucoma as a disease, it’s actually a group of eye diseases that cause damage to the optic nerve. Because it’s a group of diseases, symptoms may be wide-ranging, from underlying problems that you don’t notice to noticeable changes in your vision. Lebanon Optometric Center and Breese Family Vision Center provides evaluation and treatment for all types of glaucoma. We provide medicinal treatments and co-manage with specialists as needed.

Types of Glaucoma

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Dry Eye Evaluation

Do you suffer from eyes that chronically itch, water or feel irritated? This could mean that you have dry eye, which is a condition that causes the eyes to feel dry all of the time, causing chronic irritation that can range from mild to severe. Dry eye can develop because of heavy use such as intensive reading, TV viewing, dust, pollen, tobacco smoke, and more. We can provide treatments to stimulate natural tear products and control the inflammation of your eyes, which quell the symptoms and allow you to see irritation-free!