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Pre-Op & Post-Op LASIK Care for patients in Breese, Lebanon, Highland, O’Fallon & all surrounding communities

Are you considering LASIK surgery? Are you ready to shed those eyeglasses and kick those contacts to the curb? If so, it’s important that you choose a qualified professional to handle pre-op and post-op LASIK Care to ensure your surgery heals quickly and provides the maximum benefit. At Lebanon Optometric Center and Breese Family Vision Center, we know how to best care for you and help you recover from LASIK and cataract surgery. As a family-owned practice, know that we understand the importance of these procedures to local families, providing clear vision that gives people a way to better enjoy their family, friends and life in general. Read more below about pre-op and post-op care provided by our dedicated team!

LASIK care lebanon il

Pre-Operative LASIK Care

LASIK surgery is major eye surgery. While you’ll be told that these procedures are routine, that doesn’t mean they aren’t major. With this in mind, it’s important to adhere to the proper care and preparation prior to the surgery in order to prevent complications and ensure the surgery goes just as the doctor had planned. Pre-op LASIK care involves keeping your eyes in shape for surgery prior to your appointment. This includes instructions about contacts, eye drops and more. Read on for details about pre-operative care:

  • Do not sleep in contact lenses while awaiting surgery
  • Leave contact lenses out of your eye for the time specified by your optometrist
  • Provide informed consent to the facility doing the surgery
  • Use eye drops as directed by the physician performing the surgery
  • Use eye drops and artificial tears from brands specified by physician

Post-Operative LASIK Care

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The success of your surgery depends on the post-operative care just as much as the pre-operative care. After surgery, remember that your eyes have been through a traumatic experience, and they need time to rejuvenate. While the turnaround times for these surgeries are usually quite abbreviated, you must strictly adhere to any guidelines and instructions provided by the physician. Not doing so puts the health of your eyes in danger. Post-operative LASIK care may include the following:

  • Napping or resting
  • Steroid drops
  • Antibiotic drops
  • Artificial tears
  • Avoiding television and computer use
  • Eye shields for sleeping
  • Do not rub or touch eyes for up to 3 weeks
  • Do not shower after surgery
  • Prohibited use of cosmetics
  • Avoid excessive exercise
  • Use sunglasses when outdoors for 3 weeks, regardless of condition
  • Avoid flying for at least 5 days after surgery

Please follow all guidelines and instructions provided by our physician.

***Remember: You won’t be able to drive after your surgery, meaning you’ll need to find someone that can drive you to and from the procedure and take care of you after arriving home.

What to Expect after LASIK

post-lasik operation lebanon il
  • Eyes may burn, sting and water more than usual
  • You may feel like something is irritating your eye for up to 12 hours
  • Vision may fluctuate slightly over the coming months
  • Vision may get worse at night including loss of detail, glares and starbursts

Post-Operative Cataract Surgery Care

Cataract surgery is vital in helping the elderly retain and preserve their vision. However, this is also a major eye surgery, and patients must adhere to the right procedures to ensure their vision recovers successfully. Follow all procedures and take all medicines and eye drops prescribed by the operating physician to ensure a successful procedure. Post-op cataract care might include the following:

  • Artificial tears
  • Steroid drops
  • Antibiotic eye drops
  • Anti-inflammatory eye drop
  • Pain medications
  • Reduction in physical activity
  • Reduction in TV and computer use
  • No eye makeup
  • No swimming
  • No eye Rubbing
  • Use of sunglasses when outdoors, regardless of weather