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Vision Care O’Fallon IL

Trusted Choice for Vision Care in O’Fallon Illinois

Are you struggling with vision? Do you have eye problems that you need to be corrected? It’s time you called a local optometrist for the vision care you can count on to help you preserve your eyesight. At Lebanon Optometric Center, we offer vision care services for patients throughout the Metro East area, including O’Fallon, IL. Our family-owned practice understands the importance of quality vision care for the entire family. Due to this, we focus on employing a dedicated staff that creates a relaxing atmosphere where we’re able to successfully treat men, women, and children of all ages. Make your appointment today to preserve your family’s vision health!

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Vision Care Services O’Fallon IL

Vision Examinations O’Fallon Illinois

Do you have vision problems? Are you curious about what’s going on and how you can fix it? Luckily, Lebanon Optometric Center and Breese Family Vision Center offers vision exam services that range from routine back-to-school exams to checking for glaucoma and other eye diseases. We take pride in providing a place where people can get all of their eye problems checkout and treated. Additionally, our staff is focused on your comfort and satisfaction while you’re in our care. Read on for details about the types of examinations that we offer.

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Types of Vision Examinations

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Eyeglasses & Eyewear O’Fallon Illinois

From reading glasses to protective sports eyewear, we provide a variety of eyeglasses and eyewear options for people of all ages. Our dedicated staff will provide a comprehensive eye exam, and an optometrist will provide a prescription for your vision correction needs. Our selection features a wide variety of frames and lenses in some of the most popular brands. Read more below about specific types of eyewear that we provide.

Available Types of Eyewear

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Contact Lenses O'Fallon IL

Ready to rid yourself of those glasses? Sick of headaches and sore eyes from looking through lenses all day long? It’s time you called Lebanon Optometric Center and Breese Family Vision Center for a contact lens exam that will help us determine the type of lens and prescription that will provide you with the greatest benefit. Our dedicated staff works hard to provide you with the best possible fit. Read more below about the types of contact lenses that we offer.

eyeglasses and eyewear near highland illinois
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Pre-Op & Post-Op LASIK Care O’Fallon Illinois

Are you ready to see a world without lenses? At Lebanon Optometric Center and Breese Family Vision Center, we provide pre-op and post-op services for LASIK and cataract surgery patients. You can count on us for great pre-op and post-operative LASIK and cataract surgery care that will help limit any pain or discomfort and keep you on track for a speedy recovery. Contact our staff to schedule a LASIK exam to find out if you’re a good candidate for the procedure, and count on us for before and after care!